Myths and Facts

Myth 1

Adolescents do not have mental illnesses, but are just simply moody.

Fact: People aged between 15 and 24 are considered to be the group most at risk from mental illnesses. Unlike physical illnesses, mental problems often arise in adolescent years.

Myth 2

People with a mental illness are dangerous.

Fact: Scientific studies show that people with mental disorders are not more frequently violent than others, provided they undergo treatment and do not consume alcohol or illegal substances.

Myth 3

Mental illnesses are not curable.

Fact: Most notably, if the illness is diagnosed and treated early on, the chances of recovery are higher than for most other chronic illnesses.


Myth 4

Health insurance does not cover medical costs for mental illness.

Fact: Just as for physical illnesses, treatment for mental illnesses is covered by health insurance, as long as the diagnostic criteria corresponds to the internationally recognized system of classification.


Myth 5

Mental illnesses are difficult to evaluate.

Fact: As with any other illness, there are diagnostic criteria in place which are assessed in a dialogue with a psychologist or psychiatrist.


Myth 6

Smoking weed makes you schizophrenic.

Fact: Scientific studies have shown that individuals with a heightened state of vulnerability to a psychotic illness double the risk of developing a psychosis by using cannabis. The frequency and amount of cannabis consumed are further factors which affect the risk of developing this illness. In addition, it can be said that the younger you are when you start using cannabis, the higher the risk of illness.


Myth 7

Being schizophrenic means having diverse personalities or split personalities.

Fact: According to psychiatric insight, neither equating schizophrenia with split personalities nor assuming that a person suffering from schizophrenia has many different personalities is accurate. The tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a fictitious one and bears no relation to reality.